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You might be familiar with traditional CBD products such as oils and creams, but wondering if smoking hemp can also be a viable way of intaking CBD. In that case, this article is for you. Keep reading to discover the benefits associated with smoking hemp.

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The Cannabis industry has long been a popular topic of discussion, even stirring up controversy at times. But despite the buzz around cannabis, not everybody is aware of the interesting details on the plant. First off, it’s important to make a distinction between the two different types of cannabis; hemp and marijuana. Hemp and marijuana might look similar to the naked eye, but the truth is that the plants have key differences that have completely different implications on their usage and sale.
Growing hemp requires expertise and skill, and sometimes careful planning about the other crops you want to cultivate. Utilizing companion plants during hemp cultivation is one way to improve growth and protect the plants.
Perhaps most commonly, many people find hemp beneficial in soothing chronic pain. But it goes much further than that. Today, we’ll dive into five main ways that hemp might help you with various symptoms and issues. 
You may already know that the cannabis plant has served a wide diversity of uses for centuries. But are you aware of the many ways that hemp can help you on a regular basis? Hemp flower with high CBD content and low THC content can address a wide range of symptoms. The best part is that all of this comes without the high associated with marijuana. 
Hemp flower can easily pair well with other herbs and botanicals to enhance certain healing properties. Blending hemp with a variety of other natural herbs can allow you to customize your hemp experience and treat the symptoms you need to address.


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